Angle Homes


Smard Modular, a leading company in off-site construction, specializing in medical and healthcare projects in the Middle East and Asia, is delighted to introduce our latest offering: Smard Angle framed homes and cottages.

Designed for versatility and functionality, Smard Angle homes and cottages are specifically crafted for utilization in various settings such as resorts, camping grounds, farmhouses, and getaway cottages. With a wide selection of floor plans, layouts, and features, these unique structures provide an exceptional turnkey solution.

Whether you require a tranquil retreat, a nature-inspired escape, or a comfortable dwelling, Smard Angle homes and cottages cater to diverse preferences and needs. Our expertly engineered and meticulously constructed units embody quality and innovation, offering a distinctive approach to modern living.

Experience the convenience and elegance of Smard Angle homes and cottages, the epitome of contemporary design combined with the benefits of off-site construction. Embrace the freedom to customize your space and enjoy the exceptional comfort and aesthetic appeal these structures provide.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, introducing Smard Angle framed homes and cottages to revolutionize your residential and recreational experiences.


Uncompromising Quality: Every Detail Crafted to Perfection, Ensuring Your Dream Home Exudes Excellence in Every Corner.


Your Safety, Our Priority: We Implement Rigorous Safety Measures to Ensure Your Peace of Mind, Creating a Secure Haven for You and Your Loved Ones.


Embrace Sustainable Living: Our Homes Are Designed to Reduce Environmental Impact, Enabling You to Embrace a Greener Lifestyle Without Compromising on Comfort or Style.


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Why Angle Homes?

To redefine the concept of space, presenting a revolutionary synthesis of nature and mechanics with a strong emphasis on ergonomics.


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

Our approach to modular design and construction is intelligent, ethical, sustainable and reliable. We collaborate with our clients and architect partners to deliver projects built on years of experience – seamless in construction, with integrity at the core, and impressive from every angle.

We Follow Best Practices

Our success is due to our passion to expand so we could offer more to our clients, innovate medical solutions , quality

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